Tuesday, July 24, 2012

PSU Problems and Solutions, Let's all be Happy Happy

After watching the reactions to the sanctions and the statue removal at Penn State University, I have come up with some ideas that might better serve everyone instead of the action taken.  I am problem solving!!


Positions PSU people think it should be there, victim advocates think it should be removed

Solution:  Return statue to rightful place in front of stadium. Paterno made that Stadium what it is.  The football players who used to be behind him, they represent the football program and thus they should follow the coach and return to their place,but elevated a foot of the ground.  This should make PSU people happy.  Now, under the feet of the "football program" behind Paterno we should put statues of screaming children being trampled by the football program.  Move Paternos hands over his ears to avoid hearing them scream.  BAM  Victims advocates happy.   Everyone Happy Happy!!!

Football Program

Positions  PSU people think sanctions unfairly hurt current staff and players when most of people who covered up are gone OR they think the evidence of thousands of documents and hundreds of interviews
done by the police and THEIR OWN independent  Investigator was not enough to warrant action.  Victims advocates believe the program needs to be severly hurt to stop this from happening again.  Many believe death penalty for multiple years should have happened.

Solution  Remove all scholarship sanctions as they only hurt current and future players.  Allow them to play in Bowls and for Big Ten Title but have ALL proceeds go to the same charity as the fine is going to.  Keep them on probation  and stick with the fine.  Both are needed.  Do allow any players to transfer without penalty, many had no idea what the program allowed to happen.  This should allow the football program to remain relevant and make extra money for school and for charities that stop child sexual abuse.  PSU people should be happy.  Now, all PSU football players may not wear pads or athletic cups during practices or games.  I assume PSU people wont mind this since protecting young people isn't as important as playing football games.  Victim advocates happy.  Everyone Happy Happy!!!

Paterno Family

Problem  They want desperately to restore the legacy of Joe Paterno.  However, everything they say just makes people more upset.

Solution  Hire me to do your PR.  Only let me talk for you.  First statement "We are deeply saddened by the actions of Jerry Sandusky and we know that until the day Joe died, he always felt partly responsible for even hiring such a monster.  We plan to use our power, money, and influence to help victims of abuse and advocate groups to identify and stop abuse of children in sports.   We hope that truth comes out in its entirety and all guilty parties are dealt with accordingly.  Right now this is all about helping the victims heal and working to stop others from being victimized."   See Paterno family, anything else is going to only tarnish JoePa, the image more.  Do the right thing and be part of the solution and if there is really truth that is hidden, try to unearth it quietly while publicly making it about being part of the solution.  If you do this, the Paterno name will at least restore dignity for finally doing what is right.

Past Players and Games Forfitted

Problem  They won a bunch of games and now they feel those games are not considered wins.

Solution  I stand behind vacating the wins because while a team scored more points on the field, the program was a failure.  Think of it this way.  A prowler walks into your house to steal money.  You wake up and apprehend him, call the police and he goes to jail.  However, in the struggle your dog is injured and dies.  In the end, you kept your money and apprehended the criminal!!!!  Woohoo.  However, in doing so you sacrificed your dog.... do you feel like a winner?   My message to the players is that the touchdowns they scored are still scored.  The wins they remember still happened.  However, the victory was nobody's.  Children were hurt to make sure you could win the game.  The games are still won, the memories and scars are still there, and I don't want you to forget them.  You WERE NOT the guilty party.  The University though were losers those days and thus the record book doesn't represent YOUR failures or victories, but those of your school.

Everyone happy happy?!?!?!?

(Thanks to Duck Dynasty the TV show for the "Happy Happy", I like it a lot.)

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